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Elite Service for EVERY Cyclist

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Why Rent from SCC?

  • SuperCorsa has the newest and highest quality fleet of rental bikes on Amelia Island

  • All bikes are maintained in the shop by certified mechanics.  Drew and Kyle possess more than 30 years or combined wrenching experience

  • SuperCorsa is located directly on the Amelia Island Trail, making us the safest and most convenient location to start a ride from. 

  • SuperCorsa offers roadside assistance in the event of a mechanical issue.  (ALWAYS CALL 9-1-1 IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY)

  • As well as beach cruisers, SuperCorsa offers multi-speed hybrids, road bikes, and mountain bikes

  • SuperCorsa is the only shop to allow its rental beach cruisers on the beach, provided that they are returned in the same condition they went out in

We do not take reservations.

All rentals are first come first serve. 

Single-Speed Cruisers

We offer a lightweight, upright, comfortable bicycle. The pedal forward design and balloon tires are great for the bike path and the beach.

  • 3 Hour Cruiser-    $20.00

  • Daily Cruiser-       $30.00

  • Weekly Cruiser-   $90.00


Multi-Speed Hybrids

This bike is much more that what is commonly referred to as a hybrid.  It is Civia Cycles, Lowry step-thru bicycle.

• 3 Hour Hybrid-       $25.00

• Daily Hybrid-          $35.00

• Weekly Hybrid-      $125.00


Electric Assist Bicycle

This electric assisted bicycle opens up all that Amelia Island has to offer.  It is not cheating to ride an e-bike, but it sure is fun!  

• 1 Hour E-Bike-         $30.00

• 3 Hour E-Bike-        $50.00

• 24 Hour E-Bike-      $80.00


Road Bikes

Our basic rental road bike is the Bianchi Vigorelli. This steel workhorse features a carbon fork and excellent components, perfect for ticking off endless miles in Northeast Florida.  

• Daily Road Bike-         $60.00

• Weekly Road Bike-      $250.00


Premium Road Bikes

We have several premium carbon fiber road bikes available, featuring high-end components and impeccable build quality.  CALL FOR AVAILABILITY.  

• Daily Premium Road Bike-        $90.00

• Weekly Premium Road Bike-    $350.00

Carbon aero wheelset upgrade available

upon request.


Mountain Bikes

Our mountain bike rental features one of the best plus-trail bikes on the market, the Salsa Timberjack.  This aluminum, hardtail, dropper-post workhorse will conquer any trail Northeast Florida can throw at you.   

• Daily Mtn Bike-              $60.00

• Weekly Mtn Bike-          $250.00

• Weekend Rate-              $150.00​


(noon Friday to noon Tuesday)


Fat Demo Bikes

Call for more information to demo fat tire mountain bikes at 904-310-0003.




•Baby Seat-     $10.00

•Trailer-           $15.00

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