Cheddar Bay Biscuit Carver had a raggamuffin first few years of life.  He washed out of the Wal-mart greeter program due to his youthful disposition and was then turned down for positions as a Salvation Army Bell-Ringer, a mall Santa elf, and as an Uber-eats driver.  Rumor has it, CBB spent the next couple of years hopping trains and listening to all of your favorite 80's gutter-punk bands.  

Everything changed in 2016.  Cheddar was picked up on suspicion of a string of mailbox bashings and landed himself at the Nassau County Animal Control Office in Yulee, FL (our favorite beneficiary of special event donations).  Drew and Tasha were visiting the shelter and knew it was time for Cheddar to turn his life around.  They gave him the only thing he truly wanted, gainful employment.

You can now find Cheddar Bay wearing many hats at the shop.  His primary role is to guard the shop from all unwanted Inline skaters and troubled youths driving golf-carts on the bike path.  He also demands all shop patrons provide belly rubs before service (he took over this role from Kyle quite adamantly).  Truth be told, Cheddar earns his keep at the shop by just being himself; the most chill, loving, and sweet dog on the planet.  Come find out for yourself!




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