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Elite Service for EVERY Cyclist

Why rent bikes from us?

There are currently NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS at the shop.

Please keep this in mind before arriving to pickup your rentals.

We have switched over to a WALK-UP ONLY model for our rentals.

While we no longer take rental reservations, don't worry rarely do we ever run out of bikes. 

Bike Path Comfort Bike-

Single Speed &  3 Speed

Our comfort bike is available in step-over and step-thru models, which can accommodate riders from 4'11" to 6'4".  

This bike is perfect for exploring Amelia Island's amazing network of bike paths. Our bikes feature a comfortable pedal forward design, upright handlebars, and a big comfortable seat.

Single Speed Comfort Bike:

(Features 2 hand brakes & 1spd freewheel)

  • 0-3 Hours-         $20.00

  • 3-24 Hours-       $30.00

  • Weekly-               $90.00


3 Speed Comfort Bike:

(Features front hand brake & rear coaster brake)

  • 0-3 Hours-         $25.00

  • 3-24 Hours-       $35.00

  • Weekly-               $115.00

Multi-Speed Hybrid / Flat Bar Gravel Bike

Our "hybrid" is perfect for exploring both the paved and unpaved rides Amelia Island has to offer.  Are you looking for more efficiency and less rolling resistance? We got you!  Want more gears than our 3-speed? Done, how bout 11?   Be advised, this bike has a skinnier seat, skinnier tires and more weight on your hands... so if comfort is king, scroll back to our bike path bikes.

  • 0-3 Hours-         $35.00

  • 3-24 Hours-       $50.00

  • Weekly-               $140.00



Ready to cover some more ground? We offer high quality step-thru e-bikes equipped with the Bosch drive system. Available in two sizes, our e-bikes are pedal assist (no throttle) and are sure to put a smile on your face.

  • 0-3 Hours-          $50.00

  • 3-24 Hours-       $80.00

  • Weekly-               $240.00


Road Bikes

Finally, we are back to having a dedicated fleet of rental road bikes


Standard Alloy and Steel Road Bikes.  

  • Daily Standard Road - $75

  • Weekly Standard Road- $250

Premium Carbon Fiber Road Bikes

​  • Daily Premium Road Bike-      $100.00
  • Weekly Premium Road Bike-   $350.00


Carbon aero wheels and power meters are available for additional charge, please  call for availability.

  • SuperCorsa has the newest and highest quality fleet of rental bikes on Amelia Island

  • All bikes are maintained in the shop by certified mechanics.  We possess more than 30 years of combined wrenching experience

  • SuperCorsa is located directly on the Amelia Island Trail, making us the safest and most convenient location to start a ride. 

  • SuperCorsa offers roadside assistance in the event of a mechanical issue.  

  • SuperCorsa does allow our single speed Beach Cruiser rentals on the beach.

     *If bikes are not returned in the same condition they leave the shop, a cleaning fee may be applied.

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