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Here at SuperCorsa, we stock the shop with intention.  Our focus on the sales floor solely supports the empowerment of each and every rider; experienced, or first-time.  Each relationship we've built and product we've chosen to sell tells a story.  Whether it's Bianchi's long-standing history as innovators in cycling or Salsa Cycles' cutting-edge attitude of creativity & cult, we've curated products that stand to find against the marketing machine that has sucked the oxygen out of the landscape of the independent bicycle dealer.


All too often, the products you find in a brick and mortar bicycle shop come from the top down, force-fed by big-brands with big egos.  Here at SuperCorsa, we connect with brands and products that build ideas from the ground up through consistent research and communication with customers and shops alike.  We aim to rise above the "cookie-cutter" and strip-mall mentality that befalls many a bike shop and bring the essence of the freedom of riding a bike to cyclists of all skills and abilities.

Sometimes the brands you love are the ones you've never heard of.  

Elite Service for EVERY Cyclist

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