Tasha was born and raised in Miami, FL (Ay, Papi) and was greatly inspired by the city’s eclectic culture of art and design.  At a young age, she gained a great respect for well-intended and thoughtfully styled architecture and design, and developed a keen eye for art, craft, design, and curation.  She was also exposed to a global perspective of cycling and bicycle culture via a middle school trip across the pond where she and her classmates biked through Western Europe and the Alps.

In ’94, Tasha moved cross-country to, ColoRADo, where she was quickly exposed to the rocky mountain lifestyle that Colorado had to offer.  In addition to being fully immersed in the world of snowboarding, she was also exposed to the amazing mountain bike culture developing in the Rockies in the mid ’90’s. Tasha transferred to Colorado State University where she completed her degree in Interior Design with a minor in Construction Management and continued to live in the world of slopes, cycles, and style.  

Enter, Andrew Carver.  Tasha met Drew circa 2000 in Louisville, Colorado (Boulder) and was quickly brought up up speed into the world of the Pro Mountain Bike Circuit and its racing culture.  She began traveling with Drew to various races and events and got to experience the golden years of professional mountain biking.  Her career as an Interior designer blossomed and opened many doors both creatively and professionally.  Over the next decade, Tasha and Drew relocated a few times, following careers across the country, finally settling on the beautiful Amelia Island, in Northeast Florida.

 In 2015, Tasha and Drew traveled to Italy and participated in the L’Eroica ride through the countryside and villages of Tuscany.  This trip was truly a full circle moment for both Drew and Tasha after the many European cycling adventures they had shared individually in their lives.  This holistic experience of the culture of bikes, coffee, food, wine and community was the soul-shaking inspiration the duo needed to make SuperCorsa a reality.  Within’ a year, SuperCorsa Cycles was open for business.

Tasha’s career in the design world is a massive influence on the aesthetic and curation of the shop’s merchandising and overall brand identify.  In fact, she designed the complete build-out of SuperCorsa Cycles proper.


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